You CAN recover from dermatillomania!

I wanted to make this picture set to serve as proof to anybody who feels hopeless.

I had trich as a child and during a hospitalisation, I developed dermatillomania (we think as a result of not being able to use other behaviours)
These pictures don’t even capture the worst because I couldn’t have my phone… But I was completely gripped by this obsession.
I was in hospital several times because I was septic. I developed MRSA (hospital infection/superbug)

But I recovered.
It is possible.

If you’ve had trich, you’ll know they tell you to save the hair in bags and that is very effective.

Since I couldn’t do that, I took pictures every day. Your brain just wants to see the spots fade or something.

I struggled for three years and have been seriously recovering for about 7 months… I now have 1 or 2 ‘active’ spots at any given time. I barely spend any time picking now.

You can do this.

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    I’ve struggled with this for 6 years. It seems hopeless.
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    oh my gosh. props to you! mrsa is baaaad. My dad had that after he fell off the roof and he was allergic to one of the 2...
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    Thank you. I rarely see derma recovery stories.
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    Thank you for sharing. Not only does this show what it is like to suffer from Dermatillomania, it also shows that...
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