Having a very bad day :( like awful

"I think I’m surprisingly different in real life than what people expect or what people project on to me. I’m not actually that awkward, I don’t think. I think people see me as this sarcastic person that doesn’t care about anything. But, on the contrary, I’m pretty emotional and sensitive and I care a lot about things and people. I think in moments where the spotlight is on me — like if I’m doing a talk show — my defenses come into play and maybe that’s why people see me that way. But, I think my sarcasm is often a way for me to get through those moments. I mean, if you came over to my house, I’d make you a cup of tea and be probably really interested in you."

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Bad psychiatrist appointment + massive fight with a friend (her yelling at me in front of the whole grade) = fuck off life

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Well basically chest (cardiorespiratory) physio is two broad areas: helping people who have too much sputum (mucus/phlegm/whatever) and helping people who can’t get enough oxygen.

So like with people who have cystic fibrosis, physios will help them use breathing devices that loosen mucus or do percussion (where you “hit” them on the back repetitively) to get them to cough it up. And if someone has a really bad pneumonia then the physio will often stay overnight and work on their lungs every two hours to get the secretions up so that they can get enough oxygen. If they are In ICU and unconscious or they have a brain injury/spinal cord lesion/neuro condition like duchenne’s then they won’t be able to cough for themselves so you have to suction the secretions up with a tube.

If someone has a collapsed lung there are really only two options for treatment. 1. A ventilator (which is not ideal because you then have to wean them off the ventilator and some people actually can’t be) 2. Physio (which is preferable because it spares more extreme treatments).

Another thing is people waiting on lung and/or heart transplants. The physio will do exercise training to make sure they stay on the transplant list and then afterwards will do pulmonary/cardiac rehab.

It’s an area that I actually really enjoy! :)


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Finally put my clinical placement preferences in!!

So the compulsory three are
- Musculoskeletal (like typical what you think of physio)

-neurological (strokes, brain injuries, MS, parkinsons etc)

- “chest” physio

Then I had to make a list of 5 electives (I’ll get 3)
- pain clinic
- women’s health
- aged care.



Back on the lithium wagon again.

Waiting for that nausea to begin :(


Just in case

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